Whether you’re looking for a colon cleanse recipe or considering a diet for a full body detox, taking care of your colon through various means can lead you to a healthier path. According to renew4wellbeing.com the colon, like the kidneys or liver, is an elimination organ, and your body may be in big trouble if […]

Cleansing methods designed to work for the colon have been used to an increasing extent in recent years. As the professionals from the Mayo Clinic agree, however, there are many misconceptions associated with a colon cleanse diet and what types of diets actually help with restoring the natural balance and detoxifying abilities of your body. […]

According to most experts, a drastic cleanse diet or crash diet designed for detoxing won’t do much, and it’s simply a fad that feeds off the fear that our environment is filled with chemicals, and you need to empty your colon from time to time to keep them from wreaking havoc in your body. While […]

While there has been a lot of talk about detoxing, most people aren’t fully aware of what the term actually represents. Global Healing and many other sources confirm the fact that it doesn’t simply have to do with toxins found in the colon, in the gut, or in any other specific place in the body. […]

Getting rid of toxins is not always an easy job, and if you listen to some sources supported by mainstream medical science, it might not even be possible. However, practical results prove this isn’t always so, and some diets, home remedies, supplements and unique procedures can actually help the body release more of the unwanted […]